P5. Science (Open-Ended Question Answering Techniques)


Primary 5 science open-ended questions answering techniques designed for conceptual understanding.

Organized topically, it aims to help students identify and remember the keywords to the types of questions.

The book has ready structured answers to commonly tested questions which the students can apply to their work immediately.

It also serves as a useful practice and revision for tests and examinations.

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What the science author has covered in this book…

  • bite sized concepts
  • keywords identification
  • answering structuring

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What’s Covered In This Book?

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Reproduction of Flowering Plants
A. Processes in the reproduction of flowering plants
B. Parts and functions of flower
C. Pollination
D. Fertilisation
E. Types of seed dispersal
F. Germination
G. Reproduction of non-flowering plants
H. Chapter summary

Reproduction in Human
A. Parts and functions of reproductive systems
B. Fertilisation
C. Development of fertilised egg
D. Comparing reproduction in flowering plants & humans
E. Heredity
F. Chapter summary

Changes in States of Matter (Water)
A. Properties of matter
B. Processes that change the state of water
C. Understanding changes in state (graph)
D. Understanding changes in state (table)
E. Chapter summary

Water Cycle
A. Processes in the water cycle
B. Evaporation
C. Factors affecting rate of evaporation of liquid
D. Cooling effect of evaporation
E. Condensation
F. Factors affecting rate of condensation of gas
G. Conservation of water
H. Chapter summary

A. Types of organisms
B. Cell parts and functions
C. Cell division
D. Chapter summary

Air and Respiratory System
A. Composition of Air
B. Difference between inhaled air and exhaled air
C. Parts & functions of respiratory system
D. The breathing process
E. Comparing gaseous exchange methods of fish, plants and humans
F. Changing breathing rate
G. Chapter Summary

Circulatory System
A. Parts and functions of circulatory system
B. Flow of blood in human and fish
C. Body parts working together
D. Changing heart rate
E. Chapter summary

Plant Transport System
A. Plant parts and functions
B. Comparisons between human and plant transport system
C. Chapter summary

Electrical System
A. Parts and functions of components in a circuit
B. Forming a closed circuit
C. Arrangement of bulbs
D. Comparing brightness
E. Connecting switches
F. Conductors and non-conductors of electricity
G. Circuit Card
H. Electromagnets
I. Chapter summary

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102 in stock

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