P6. PSLE A Star Kit for Paper 1 (Direct Questions Mastery)


For P6 parents who know their children are aiming for higher marks for Paper 1.

A veteran PSLE marker once told me, “Students must aim for full marks (or almost full) for Paper 1 so they have a higher chance to get closer to their desired PSLE score.”

This message has resonated in me for years. For the longest time, I have been asking myself this “How can we help as many children as possible to do just this – right from home?

If your child is aiming for higher score, this book is created for you.

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70% of my students scored A… the other 30% scored A*. No ‘B’s and below.

This book aims to solve this dilemma by giving your child the Correct & Precise practice they need.

As you know, I’ve written alot of books.

They cover the strategies and correct practice questions for a range of levels as I’ve shared before.

But I never had one book that specifically just contained everything your child needed to make sure they practiced for Paper 1 before the PSLE exams.

So I started developing this book 3 months ago.

I initially thought it will just take me a few weeks to compile, but it ended up taking me months.

Covid-19 aside, there was just too much to consider.

If I included everything blindly, it means there will be too much to practice. It becomes another useless assessment book that adds a burden to your child.

So I had to ruthlessly cut and choose only the right practices.

So after all the fine selection and filtering, I finally have it.

The golden book that contains all ESSENTIAL Paper 1 questions your child needs to practise to be ready for her PSLE.

This book is your go-to practice book.

These are the very same practices my students have used year after year to secure A*s.

Here’s what some of them say:

Due to popular demand, alot of parents have been waiting for this book to be out since early this year.

What’s Covered In This Book?

PSLE A* Star Math Kit for Paper 1 is an all in one book specially selected to cover all the essential practice questions your child needs for PSLE Paper 1.

Here’s what it contains:

1. 352 Pages of content-packed essentials your child needs for PSLE Math.

2. Over 58 Topics, Sub-Topics & Question Types (do note that this year’s excluded topics are also inside as I started preparing this in January, but you can simply ignore them)

3. 148 Targeted Questions which contains all the ESSENTIALS your child needs to know — if they complete all 148, high A and A* (AL 2 and 1)  is virtually guaranteed! If they can’t complete some questions, you will know where to plug the gaps immediately!

4. PLUS — 148 Answer Key and Workings are ALL included too! So you don’t have to frantically search for the correct answer and go through the pain of working backwards by yourself.

5. Questions and Answer Keys are separated, so your child has space to practise and write his workings, while you have a reference to check their work and give them the correct solution.

Here’s a quick glimpse of the book in this video:

How can you get hold of this book?

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177 in stock

Purchase this product now and earn 114 Points!