P5/6. 101 Must-Know PRF Questions Vol 3 + 4 (Quick Starter Kit for Paper 1 – CA1 & SA1)

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Are your kids in P5-6 and still finding topical questions tough?

Want an easier start to master the 101 must-know P5-6 questions in the following P-R-F topics:
P – Percentage
R – Ratio
F – Fraction
+++ Bonus topic: Decimals

Here’s what you get in this 101 PRF 2-Book Quick Starter Kit

    • In Volume 3, questions on different levels of Percentage, Ratio and some Fraction questions
    • In Volume 4, the list of questions continues with more must-know questions on different levels of Fractions and Decimals
  • These books will help your child reduce his careless mistakes, remember math topical concepts more easily and eventually score higher marks!


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Here are our new volumes for – “101 Must-Know Direct Questions for Parents – PRF (Volume 3 & Volume 4)” bundle.

That can help your child to spot topical short questions and problem sums on 3 of the most challenging topics – Percentages, Ratio and Fractions.

Why do we create this?

To help more P5/6 students have a competitive advantage over others, this book is specially designed for them.

Using the last 2 months, our math team has worked really very hard going through more top school papers and guess what we discovered.

We discovered THIS!

We discovered a pattern.

We identified three topics that P5 & P6 children find challenging: Percentage, Ratio, Fraction.

Here’s how your child can use these 2 PRF books to study math in a smarter way…

3 Specific Levels of Difficulty

In every section (e.g. Percentage), the questions are grouped into three levels of difficulty.

  • Level 1 introduces the basic concepts and present simple sums that uses the 4 operations.
  • Questions in Level 2 may require a few steps to solve (often with a less direct approach) or may require knowledge of more than the basic concept.
  • Questions in Level 3 are sometimes almost as complicated as problem sums questions, whether it is the phrasing of the question or the thinking process required to arrive at the correct solution.

3 Stars Categories

One star at the end of the question (*) means the question is commonly found in Primary 5.
Two stars (**), means the question is more likely to be tested only at Primary 6.
If you see three stars (***) at the end of the question, the question is tested in both Primary 5 and 6 levels.

Our way of grouping up the questions in this strategic way is to help your child for both P5 and P6.

To help your child score higher, we have also included BONUS questions on Decimals which are getting tougher too.

101 Must-Know PRF Questions Vol 3

101 Must-Know PRF Questions Vol 4

How can you get hold of these 2 books?

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348 in stock

Purchase this product now and earn 122 Points!