While my wife showed me the process of baking the pineapple tarts, I also realised how I can better support students.


Like baking, doing well in maths also requires you to follow its recipe.


Here are three things I learnt.


✅ We had fresh pineapples at home, only to realise we were short of it on the Chinese new year’s eve. So we chose to buy canned pineapples.


Guess what? The taste is definitely much more inferior.


How does it relate to math?


What’s the quality of thoughts in your child? What words do you tell your child everyday?


Positive words like “you can improve!” or not so helpful words like “why are you so careless?”


✅ My wife showed me the process of pre-heating the oven, setting the right temperature to bake the yummy tarts.


What does it got to do with math?


How is your child’s study environment at home? Do you set it well for your child’s success?


Is it noisy or quiet? Is your child constantly distracted by mobile devices or you set strict rules for home use?


✅ My wife attempted 5-6 times to bake the tarts. Each time comes with different experience and results. All unique.


When to her, the baking was perfect, I celebrated with her.😊

When it was not up to her expectations, I ate one and told her it’s still nice and I encouraged her that she could do better next time.💕

What does it got to do with maths?

Every attempt by the child is different.

Mood is not the same.

Energy too.

Mistakes made are different too.

But our response to our kids can be consistent❣️


When he does well, just celebrate with him.

When he doesn’t, just encourage him that he can do better next time.💕

✅What else did you do that works for your kid? Love to hear from you.😊