“If you want lizards to make your bag their home, you can choose to leave your bag open.”
My middle child quickly zipped up her new school bag.

Yes, objective achieved under 5 seconds…without any scolding from me.


But, it has not always been like this.
In Feb this year, we were at war almost every day.

Getting her to do her work, especially math was excruciating!


Yes, very painful!
It would always end off with tears, mostly her crying.

And me crying in my heart.


“Why isn’t she moving?”


Sounds familiar?
Fast forward 9 months to today.

We are the best of friend (Or that is what I think. Hmmm..)😅


No more tears,
No more shouting.

No more heart attack – for me.


I also realised I should stop shouting – really.

I realise how I behaved is a reflection of how I was treated when I was a child. (My dad scolded me and hit me – alot. Ouch!)


I realised to change my child, I must change – first.
I want to be a better version of myself – for my kids and my students…and for Y❤️U

Now, the Bigger change…


My middle child
  • very fast in finishing up her schoolwork – without any pushig
  • did maths by herself – and asked if she should do more
  • asked how she improved in her grades
I looked at her.
You know I almost cried.🥺
If I have continued to do the scolding, I would not have seen the BIG improvement in her today.

Lesson learnt for me.
I believe every child wants to do well, just like in a family, everyone wants to be the best version of him/ herself.
Just that sometimes we have our bad days…just like how you or I had ours too.

We just want to be supported.
To be understood.
To be appreciated.
🌈How do you acknowledge your child’s effort – no matter how small?