With CA1 coming, here are some of math strategies you can use at home to help your child if…

(Based on your child’s previous year Sa2 results)

💕If he is scoring 0-30 marks, do work more on topical knowledge and paper 1 or section A.

💕If he is already scoring 31-60 marks, do work on securing more marks for short answer questions in paper 1 and build up his understanding of concepts.

💕If he is already scoring 61-80, do work on filling up the gaps of topical knowledge (also known as misconceptions) and work on hard to tougher problem sums. Also work on speed and up his checking skills to minimise loss in marks.

💕If he is already scoring between 81-100, work on his checking skills, strengthen his mental power and help him build a positive mindset by coaching him how to bounce back fast whenever he hit a wall. And speed up his checking skills such that he can instantly spot his mistakes and correct them under a minute.

Did you realise as your child’s mark goes higher, the skills he needs to go to the next level is leaning more towards mindset?

Some parents I spoke to have the method reversed. They keep on piling their kids with more and more questions.

Very little or no time is spent on building the mental power (also known as resilience or grit)

Having said this, complacency is one of the main reasons why some fall fast once they get good results, especially within weeks or months.

Not being open to faster solving methods is also another big issue. “My teacher didn’t ask us to do this. So there’s no need to.”

So want to get higher grades?

Help your kids build on her mindset.

Hope this post helps you in fine-tuning the way you or your home tutor can coach your kids.❤️🤓😊😉