When I was coaching my P6s, I happened to see the summary notes done by one particular child.

She’s always quiet.

Not much in confidence.


Taking more time than the rest to complete most problem sums.

When I got to understand her more.


She told me she was just average.
She was told she could only be average.

She thought she would just get an average grade for maths.


Still, by looking at her eyes, I knew part of her refused to give up.

After our class, she condensed her learning.


She did summary notes.
Breaking down into key topics like speed, nets and circles.

She made sure she memorized them.


A few of her friends even laughed at her for “working too hard”.
Well, her marks went up to 85 from just pass within 2 months. (All her effort paid off.)

Why am I telling you this?


Dear P6s who are under our care,
Coach John knows you need the speed, circle and nets notes.
Coach John knows you have little time left.

Coach John knows I can do more for you.


So once you are back for your physical classes, we will arrange for these notes to be passed to you.

If you are in our online lessons, we will have them mailed to you.


So to our P6s, we got your back.
In July, we will have another 3 more sets of notes passed to you.
So you have all 6 sets for your PSLE revision.

So much disruption in your studies this year.


Definitely not easy.

So I just want to do a bit more for you.


So you know you are well taken care of in this last PSLE lap with us.