🤭 My math tuition center almost didn’t make it.


It was pulled underwater even before it could breathe.


“You have no rights to teach.”


“John, you are not a school math teacher.”


“No one will follow your method. Stop wasting your time.”


When I started building my tuition center, it was a mixture of emotions.


Many people tried to talk me out of it.


“You are not good enough.”


I almost didn’t get out of the storm.


Storm of negativity.


People telling you that you will never make it.


“Go get a real job.”


Fast forward 7 years later – now into another storm.


😓 Standing up for how kids prefer to learn is an uphill challenge.


🥺 Fighting for parents who teach their kids whiles supporting them is a constant battle.


🤪 Moving one step ahead and two steps back have almost torn me apart.


What drove me forward?


My kids.


My 3 daughters.


How am I going to tell my daughters to continue to fight for their dreams if I have given up on mine?


No matter how tough it gets.


There’s still hope. 💫


Stay strong. 💪





⛑ Why?


Simply for

Our kids.