As a fellow busy parent who still choose to teach or support our kids at home, we are battling against more than just the problematic sums on a daily basis.

(Something that only we parents can relate to…)


Not sure about you but these are what some of us (me included) are struggling with…everyday every moment as I also want to continue to bond with my kids.


❤️keeping our kid’s confidence up because it goes down whenever they can’t do a tough question or their marks are not what they expected. (At times I can feel my heart breaks when my kid said she’s lousy.)


❤️maintaining the relationship with our kid by not stepping on each other’s toes too much while feeling angry and frustrated and trying to stay calm and sane over why the math questions seem endless and our kids just can’t seem to do.


❤️clueless and helpless (like many other parents) over the new AL system and how so many kids said they are not good enough because their total AL combined score is very high even though they did well in reality.


❤️making sure we do our office work to the best we can so that we can continue to give our colleagues what they need, put food on the table, pay for our kid’s rising expenses and take care of our family.


❤️squeezing time out of our busy schedule as the boundary between work and home blurs and now our home also feels like a school, recovery centre and hospital.


❤️maintaining the harmony at home with our spouse or other family members as we take on roles that is more than a parent. We are also a teacher, discipline master, guardian, nurse and protector of our kids.


There are so many more daily battles to write.


This is so disheartening as it stresses our kids at such a young age. “Is there a need to? (You may ask)

Like you and many others, we are just so stuck in our system.


Many times I feel that there is nothing much I can do beside to equip my kids good learning skills and habits to be a self-directed learner, to continue to cheer them on in this learning adventure and to tell them this…


“My dear Daughter❤️,
Papa promises to take good care of you and I am always here whenever you need me.”
Love❤️ from papa
~ My papa passed on early and left me when I was a teen. But I promise me this.
Yes I promise you my girls.
I will continue to protect you