I was laughed at for wanting to help busy parents who teach their kids math at home.
“Why teach the parents? So hard!”
“Tough to change their mindset.”
“Teach the kids. This is why there are more kids tuition centre and hardly any parents ones.”
The stubborn side of me refused to listen.
My dad passed on when I was 15.
My mom mainly shaped me into who I am today.
Which is the key reason why I am always on the parent side.
I realise in my journey – when I can help the parents to be a better mom/dad teacher for their kids…
The kids get help.
The relationship gets stronger.
The family gets closer.
This journey has been 8 years!
I’m so glad I didn’t give up. Though there are so many times I really wanted to.
Last year Covid year was tough.
This year is even a tougher year too.
But I will do my best to hang on…
Hang on for my children
Hang on for my students
Hang on for my parents – you!
💕How do I fare? I hope you have found joining this group useful to you.