Who am I? Have you ever been asked that? Or you did ask yourself this?
“Am I a tutor? Am I a teacher? Am I an author?”
Many parents had asked me this.
Actually, I don’t know – really.

All I know is that I am a father.


When my eldest was born 11 years ago, someone told me, “Singapore maths very hard. Your child is going to find it tough.”
I almost cried.
I thought learning is supposed to be fun.

I didn’t know some kids actually got so stressed out that they cried.


I got scared.
I better do something then.
I got to protect my child.

Yes, I got to.


Why? Because I am her father.
And fathers do just that.
They protect their kids, don’t they?

I know mine did, before he passed on when I was 15.


Fast forward today, this is my last math book I had created.
Product #63.

For my LOB parents who do teach their kids maths at home.


“John, you are crazy!”
“Why don’t you just give more tuition? Keep the secret to yourself.”

I don’t know the answer either.


But what I know is that in my past 8 years of setting up Learning Out Of the Box, I have met many wonderful LOB parents who wanted to teach, tried to and eventually gave up.


The heart is there.
But it’s just too tough.
Sometimes stressing both parent and child.

Relationship went southward.


But with our books, I heard more of these…
“John, you know I started using your books to teach my kid. We are happier.”
“She understood your methods. She’s happier.”
“My son did well in maths using your books. He’s happier. Me too.”

Is my job done? I don’t know.


Let’s see what my God has in store for me.
As long as children are benefitting from the use of our books, I am happy.
P.S. My eldest is sitting for her PSLE next year.
I am glad all my books are there for her to use.

I am so glad I started 11 years ago.


Has it been easy? Nope. Did I regret it? Nope. Why?