Many months ago, my middle child came back sharing with me that she did well for her math paper. She had only 5 marks deducted for her class test.


She was surprised as she found the paper to be hard.😂 She was still struggling with maths then.

I asked her if she did her best.


She said yes.😄


So we went out for ice cream to celebrate her win.🍦
Though many may say it’s just a P3 paper. It’s not a big deal.

“It’s just a class test. No big deal.”🥺


(A friend even told me her marks are going to drop as she goes up to upper primary.)

But in the eyes of a P3, it’s a BIG deal.🎉


And recognising her daily effort of 2 questions a day while I have to manage her stamping of feet and rolling her eyes whenever I teach her.😅

(I still talk to her with tender loving care. Yah, I have to. She’s my kid.)


💕To me, it’s the consistency and her willingness to try that count.


✅Why am I telling you this?
Remember to praise your child for her effort.
Yes marks may be more important to you.
But always praise first.😁

The “scolding” or lecture can always come later.😅
Celebrate whatever small wins today!🎉

🥇Want to thank my middle child for the opportunity to teach her so I can work on improving my patience and tolerance.💕

Love from Papa John.😍