Having taught my kids maths also reminded me to be more empathic.
It’s not easy to be a parent in today’s world.

Not sure about you, but everyday to me is like a battle.


So I practice these…
Before I share that parents need to be kinder to their kids, I made sure I’m kind to my kids while I teach them.
Before I teach another parent we need to there for her kids, I made sure I’m always there for mine.

Before I teach how a parent can better support his child, I asked myself if I am supporting my 3 daughters well.


My kids are my best teachers.


In fact, having taught my kids math also taught me to be a better math coach for my students.

Before I instill a lesson I learnt as a parent to our fellow parents, I made sure I walk the talk.
Every year, my students get an improved version of me.


Once a mommy told me that my kids are lucky to have me teaching them.

My reply to her.


“Actually, I feel I’m the lucky one to have my 3 daughters guiding me how to be
a better teacher,
a greater guardian and
most importantly
a more conscious father.”



If I ask my children who I am.
“If my kids only tell me I am good teacher, I would have failed.

If they told me I am a great father, I would have succeeded.”