My wife baked these not for me.


But for my children’s school teachers.


I feel all school teachers are working very hard to help your kids.


❌ Don’t only go to them when you have a problem.


❌ Don’t just complain when your child doesn’t do well.




⭕️ Do thank them for teaching your child.


⭕️ Do teach your child to show gratitude.


(N there’s no need to do just on Teacher’s day)


Teachers are just like you and me.


❣️ They are parents with their own kids.


❣️ They are children of other parents.


❣️ They can choose other professions, but instead, they choose to teach your child.


💕 What would you like to do for your child’s teacher today?


Drop them a thank you text?


Get your child to draw a thank you card? 🤔