[🎁Beside giving more math questions, how else are you motivating your kids to do more?🎁]

“Papa, how much is one queue pole?”


“Oh, then you paid $100 for these two (poles for my tuition centre).”

My middle child ran off, onto her next activity with my youngest.

I was stunned for a moment.😁


She’s able to multiply $50 by 2 or add two of them.

To many adults, it seems to be an easy feat.

And it’s SO easy to brush this aside.

But in my family,
✅Adding has never been simple for my middle child.😱
✅Asking her to do maths is like asking her to eat only plain rice and bitter gourd (her most dislike veggie)😅

✅Assisting her to do her math homework makes my blood boils many times over.🤯


Upon hearing that she could add $50 with another $50, I did this.

(Not easy for me and I was struggling inside.)

I went over to her and said this.

“Good job! That’s really fast to give $100.”

Then I gave her a hug.💕


Will this motivate her to want to do math better?

Maybe yes. Maybe no. No one knows.

It didn’t really matter then.

But at that point, I just wanted to let her know I was super proud of her.

❤️What are some of your moments when your child achieved something that may be insignificant to most but it was a BIG deal for her and you praised her for her effort?

Love to hear your story.