I used a non-math method to help my middle child with her math.


Math is not her thing.


In Feb this year, she frequently rolled her eyes or stamped her feet whenever I asked her to do math.


Once, I went head on and she cried for hours. It ended around 11.59pm.


Soon after that, I felt guilty as a parent.


Since teaching her math didn’t work, I took the opposite direction.


I stopped teaching her math.
I stopped checking her school math homework.

I stopped giving her math help (unless she had no choice but to ask me)



I spent more time with her.


I did what she likes (gardening and cooking)


I got to know her again – as a child.


Two months down the road,


Whenever I asked her to do maths,
she said ok.

It may not be immediate.


But she gets her work done eventually.


This week, I assigned 5 pages of math questions from our guidebook.


She got all of them done


After just one reminder.


Did she get all correct?


She got a few wrong.


But it didn’t matter.


What matters here is

She did it


Without rolling her eyes
Or stamping her feet.

Or having to put our father-daughter relationship on a hot plate.


Why am I sharing this with you?


A lot of times our children just need us to be with them.

Fully present.


When their emotional tanks are filled, then it is easier to get them to do maths (or any other subject)

Not easy.


I spent the last 60 days working with my middle child.


Will she roll her eyes or stamp her feet in the future?
Yes probably.

But it is ok now


Because our relationship is stronger now and she’s more willing to try.


I hope this sharing gives you strength in working with your child on the math part


Plus still preserving the relationship between you and your child.


💕 How did you get your child to do maths? What works for you?


Love to hear from you.