I have a confession to make.
Almost everyday, I checked my kids’ work. (Sometimes I feel like a mad man chasing for loans to be paid back.)
😠Have you finished your homework?”
😟Why don’t you know how to do this?”
🤯What? You don’t know you have spelling tomorrow!”
Have you ever gone through any of this too?
It gets really tiring.
Last year in November, I decided to take a bold step.
Told my eldest, P5 this year. I’m going to let go even more.😷
“You are responsible for your own work.”
“You do your own revision.”
She got worried.
I felt more worried.
But I pushed on. I tried to look calm.
(But inside I was 😱😱😱)
“You are taking school exams. Not me.”
“Papa can focus on spending time with you doing what you like.”
“For academic, I’m training you for the future – at least for sec 1.”
“No more spoon feeding. You are on your own.”
She started to frown.
The turning point came when I told her this.
“And you know I will be here for you whenever you need me.”
(And I gave her a hug.)
No more posting of questions in Whatapp group.
No more safety nets.
No idea how this will turn out.
But I’m willing to give it a try.
How do you start training your kid to learn independently? Love to hear from you too.