✅ Interested to know how I guide my kids to do well in maths and study independently (and math is still not their favorite subject)?
I have a confession to make.
I did shout at my middle child again.🤯

That happened 6 months ago.


From stamping of her feet to rolling of her eyes, you name it I have faced it.

It happened again and again especially just before doing maths.


Fast forward 6 months later,
I stop shouting at her.
I spend time doing what she likes.

I explain maths to her using cooking and baking stories.


It was never easy.
But I am willing to do it because she’s my kid.
I only have one middle child – that’s her❤️
Yesterday a friend witnessed this.

I said, “Go do your math first.”


Instantly, she picked her book up, worked on it and finished within 30 mins.
Totally unsupervised.

The bonus – all correct.


And still, math is not really her thing. Science is🤣
I am grateful that my middle child changed…simply because I change first.

6 months is all it takes.


Sounds long?
Remember we are their parents – forever.

Will this still work tomorrow or on the next day?


I don’t know.

But no more rolling of her eyes and stamping of her feet.
For now.😅
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