P4. Problem Sums Guide for Parents (Volume 2 out of 2) for CA2 & SA2


Here are 18 Must-know problem sums types for your P4 child. Does your child know all of these before sitting for his next exam? Help him to master them now.

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Here is our new volume for – “Problem Sums Guide for Parents – P4 Special Edition (Vol 2)“.


Why do we create this?

There are so many math books out there.

So what makes this different?

As you know, most assessment books just provide your child the questions in topical format. But he is tested problem sums types in tests/ exams. (Something that 8 out of 10 parents we asked are unaware.)

While children can make out these solution on the spot, 8 to 9 out of 10 children won’t understand the type of problem sum that is being tested.

As a result, they just solve the questions as individual questions.

Then, they move on to the next one, treating it as a new question again.

This old method of solving is too slow. (Lots of precious time wasted, resulting in not being able to complete the paper)

The good news is there is a faster and more effective way.

While the way the questions always changes, the types of problem sums is fixed.

So we specially designed this book just for our P4 children and parents.

This proven study method has worked for hundreds of our students. Even our parents, who used to find teaching math hard, told us that they finally understood how to solve the problem sums the easy way.

Here are the 18 Types of Problem Sums with more Advanced levels (your child should know all these by P4)

1. Fractions without units
2. Fractions with units
3. Part – whole
4. More/ less than using various units of measurement
5. Units + some more
6. Division/ Multiplication Multi-step Problem Sums

7. Grouping Type 1
8. Grouping Type 2
9. Equal Fractions
10. Equal at First
11. Repeated Identity Type 1
12. Repeated Identity Type 2
13. Area
14. Maximum number of pieces

15. Guess and Check Type 1
16. Guess and Check Type 2 (Using Grouping)
17. Simultaneous
18. Remainder

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99 in stock

Purchase this product now and earn 58 Points!