Copy how I teach my eldest – the easier way to score higher.


For P5s, you can teach them to study smarter.


Here’s what I just taught my eldest.


Take out her maths exercise book. (Which she has been compiling her math since Jan.)


Look through her school worksheets.


Spot the common ones. (Say area of a slanted triangle.)


Pick three common ones (they should be the more challenging ones)


Duplicate the questions onto her notebook.


Fully understand them.


Rinse n repeat for her other math topics.


The reason for doing this is to prepare her exam study guidebook.


So she has her bank of higher quality questions to go through just before her exam.


She is also preparing for her Sa2


N the same guidebook can be used for PSLE revision book.


Put in the hard work of compiling notes now.


You will reap the results later.


💕What other smart ways have you told your child to study maths?


Love to hear and learn from you.