“John you didn’t do your job❗️🤬My kid only scored 84. Where’s my 7 marks to get MY A⭐️?” My student’s mom charged into the classroom.

P6 boy joined me 2 months ago. He scored 60+.
7 years had passed. With a P5 daughter taking PSLE next year, I always reminded myself NOT to be like this mom.

It was not easy.


Asked my girl how she did for her Sa1 (while holding on to my breadth and pretending to “act normal” regardless of the marks😅.)
I remembered she cried really hard last year when she didn’t do as well as she had wanted.
She replied, “24.”
I was shocked. I thought it was 24 out of 50❗️🤪
“Okayyy, I have to act normal.” I told myself.
She added 24 out of 25.



Being pleased, I reminded myself to ask the same old question which I had been asking her since P3 after every test or exam.

“Did you do your best?”
“I think so.”
“Ok let’s go for ice cream.”

Why do I share this?


From my experience, I know marks will go up and down.


I know my kids are average kids.

I just want my children to remember papa values their efforts over their marks.


Not sure about you but I want them to be happy – everyday.

So this is why I always tell them the same thing.


“Let’s go for ice cream.”