In Feb this year, my middle child (P3) would always stamp her feet or roll her eyes whenever I asked her to do maths.

I got really angry and even shouted at her. (Felt really guilty after that😢)


“What did I do wrong?” I blamed myself. My heart also shattered.
In my head, I can hear words from other parents. “Coach John is a bluff. He couldn’t even coach his kids.”🤭

That night I cried.😭


4 months into the future (now), she will try to clear my math homework first.
3 questions daily. Sometimes I got greedy and gave her 5.😛
She just complained for a while but she will get all of them done.

Today she attempted to do this calculation – 3 x 15.


In her head.
She got it right after 3 seconds.
(I was speechless.)

Yes, it is small feat compared to what other kids can do.


My middle child is just average and I spent almost everyday in June to guide her. (On top of guiding my P5 eldest)
I spent time
Scootering with her,
Cycling with her,

And talking to her plants with her (Because this matters to her)


I use the non-math method to pull her back to me and get to know her to help her in her maths.


Sounds contradictory.


Over 120 days of befriending my middle child and now she does maths with less complaint😅

Ok la, I am happy for her as long as she is happy.


🤓Why am I sharing this with you?

If you find yourself struggling to teach your kid and find your child drifting further away from you, do consider to get to know your child first and do things your child enjoys.🥳


Sometimes this is all it takes to bring your child closer to you by being closer to your child first and spending time with her💕

Today can dine out.


So just nice, it is just you and your child sharing her favorite food💕