An 11-year-old daughter thanked her mother live in one of my fb interviews. So heartwarming!💕
This was on top of one of my biggest takeaways.
That was to witness this young child confidently sharing live how her mother’s intentional parenting had benefitted her. (while many kids shy away.)
I don’t think I was so brave like her.😂
Now preparing for my 20th interview.
So glad many parents got so much value out of it.
From growth mindset, having better sleep to better supporting your child at home.
Although some may see these interviews of specialists as “endorsements”, I see it as sharing with you useful content which can benefit your child.
Again, same free content, we welcome different perceptions.😉
It’s up to us to decide as an adult how we want to make good use of these.❤️
I took my time away from my kids to arrange with my friends in my network and interview them so you can benefit.
I really hope it can help your child 💕
✅Want your child to thrive in this new world of theirs?
Help them to do well in maths
By learning the essential skills
beyond maths.
There are just so much to learn.
I’m aiming for a 100 interviews.🥳
So much to learn.
So much to share.
So exciting!