Many concerned parents texted me, right after the online workshop.

“John you okay?”😅

I’m not but I kept on pushing.

Why do I keep on pushing and sharing with my LOB parents what I know about learning math.

And most importantly making it easier for your child.

This year is my 8th year of teaching in social media.

For the past 6 years, I have been posting my sharing




I have also seen so many cases of children
📌 giving up on themselves becos math is hard

📌being told they are stupid because they did poorly in math

📌crying just because they couldn’t solve a problem sum

It hurts.
Hurt really deeply.🙁

Many parents also started to ask me
📌”John, I have no time for my kid. Am I a bad parent?”

📌”John, I am very poor in math. But I want to help my child.”

📌”John, I believe in your teaching. Now my relationship with my boy has improved so much.”

And the thing is,

Many parents who shared their happy news with me…

I have never met them before.

💕They took my advice and suggestions in this Fb group.

Act on it.

And got great results.

“Wow your advice really help my child!👏”

Whenever I get such an email or text that their kid’s math grade improved or their relationship gets better,

I get super satisfied.🚀😆🎊

So what should I do now because many parents told me to rest more?

Teach more or rest more?