Many times I want to give up.
It’s true.

Being a father of 3 is never easy.
Especially being a proactive one.

I teach my middle child English, Chinese and Math.

I guide my eldest in all four subjects.

I play with my youngest everyday. (Along with her deafening whining. She’s just 2.)

And yes, I do work, just like you.
(At the end of the day, my battery is totally flat.🥺)

Why am I telling you this?

If you are a proactive parent like me, you can definitely relate to this.

I just want to tell you, “You are not alone. You have us.”

While it’s tiring, it’s because of the joy❤️ that I get out of guiding my children, I continue to do so.

It’s a constant battle – daily.

And it’s a new battle tomorrow, the day after and it will never end.

And I chose to continue to battle on – simply because

I know

My children

Need me.