[Energy vs time]

As I was thinking through about what to share, I realised that as much as we parents want to do ALOT for our kids, our energy is running low.


So when we want to say ‘There’s not enough time.’, I guess what we really meant is we don’t have enough energy.

Time is the same for all of us.
You and I have 24 hours a day.
So there is enough time in this sense.

But why is it a particular parent can do so much more and still feeling energised at the end of the day?

And another parent who has done little from morning till noon and still feel tired?

(A good example is sometimes we still feel tired once we wake up.)

So having slept doesn’t mean it’s a restful one.

💕So back to the topic that I would like to cover.

Is on how we parents can overcome our daily struggles as a parent.

Is not easy. Daily. And you know what I mean.

Everyday is like a battle.😅

Our life simply revolves around our kids.

And yes, it’s worth it. (Even when we do feel tired.)

A hug from our kids.

The time spent with them is priceless.

Our love for them is indescribable. It’s limitless.

And only parents can feel that.

❤️So why am I saying this?

As parents, we got to protect our energy. (Not time)

When you are feeling low, do take care of yourself. Go for a short walk and have some exercise.

Or simply close your eyes and focus on your breathing for one minute.

Try it.

This is what I normally do to catch short pockets of time for my own self care.

Hope this helps.