If my child is in P6 this year, I will be greatly affected too. Probably I will freak out too😣

So much disruptions and with no mid year exam, I am clueless of her standard.😔

By the time Prelim’s marks are released, it’s too close to PSLE.😅

This is one of my whys on giving more resources to our P6s.

💕Our PSLE mock papers for our P6 students from regular lessons are just completed (today!)😃

💕Our complimentary P6 lesson for kids from our regular lessons start today!😄

💕Our team is coming up with a guidebook to help our P6s transit more smoothly into Sec 1. So they are well taken care of till they enter a new phase.

We are just a small centre, with a small team. (Unlike bigger centres with larger teams. Probably they are doing more. I don’t know.)

We have limited resources.

But this is not stopping us from doing what’s right.

We will continue to do our best to support our P6s and their parents.💕

Stay strong and see you online soon😊