Really glad to have a great turn up for yesterday’s #Fblivewithjohnyeo

Many mommies were more open to seek help for their children.💕

I’m so happy many asked questions on how to help their kids.

Generally within a short time, I can quickly pinpoint what kind of help a child needs for her math.

Those who took my advice seriously and acted on it see a great jump in their kid’s grades and self-confidence.

Their relationship with their kids also improved.

In fact, there are many ways to solve problem sums out there.

Not all are kids-friendly.

Some can even be damaging especially when it is beyond the learning capabilities of your kid.

Other children were forced to swallow them as the only truth to their math questions.

So choose a method which fits your child. Not the other way round.

To help your child to do well in problem sums, the current trend is to find child-centric method which parents can also easily understand.

So we parents can be involved.

Involved in a way we can 
✅share the load with our children, 
✅show more empathy and 
✅work together with our children to choose wisely what to place in our child’s math toolkit.

Kids with more active parents involvement 

Thrive more 

& Excel better.❤️

Have a great Tuesday and
Stay healthy for your child.

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