Hi LOB parents from regular lessons,

As you know the government has just enforced a stricter measure to keep our children safe at home.

So tuition lessons have to come to a temporary stop.

For the past 4 years, we have started preparing for this.

✅Setting up math videos in our online portal, 

✅writing effective math guidebooks that parents can easily use at home to guide their kids plus 

✅teaching via online learning in fb live/ zoom portal.

In fact, the move to prepare our LOB parents is more active since January.

We were doing at least one to two online sharing almost every week.

So we are prepared for this and we are committed to support you and your child all the way.

💕Please give our admin support some time to prepare your videos, worksheets and other necessary resources and they will contact you.

Rest assured we will continue to provide your child with quality math learning in our LOB #PriMathMadeEasy community.