[Sent by Gov.sg – 3 Apr]

*COVID-19 situation*

Local cases in SG have risen

– Despite contact tracing, half of cases unlinked
– New clusters in foreign worker dorms, nursing home

We need to apply a *circuit breaker now* for 1 month
– Reduces risk of big outbreak
– Bring numbers down

Details will follow soon, in summary: 

*For workplaces – from 7 Apr*
✔ Remain open:
– Essential svcs: Food outlets, markets, supermarkets, clinics, hospitals, utilities, transport, key banking services
– Economic sectors: strategic or part of global supply chain
❌ To close:
– Most workplaces
➡ Staff that can work from home must do so

*For schools – from 8 Apr*
– Schools & IHLs: Full Home-Based Learning
– Preschools, student care: Closed

*For everyone*
– Stay at home, as much as possible
– Avoid socialising beyond immediate family, esp. elderly & vulnerable
– Go out only for essentials: eg buy food back, exercise at parks at safe distance