Whenever LOB parents got their kids to thank our Teachers after having attended our holiday programme, I always like to compliment our parents too.

I personally believe this –

Gratitude from children is the result of great parenting. 😊


This is also why I love supporting parents who teach their kids maths at home…because I can learn so much from you too. 😊

Here are what our children said to thank their coaches …

Thank you for teaching me new methods for solving problem sums and thank you for being encouraging.

Thank you for helping me building confidence and thank you for guiding my work and encourage me.

Thank you so much for building confidence in me and made me understand the problem sums and concepts. thank you

Thank you for building up my confidence!

Thank you for teaching me and spending time with everyone

Thank you for guiding me and teaching me new things.

Thank you for making Math fun and easy to learn

Thank you for teaching me how to master my concepts”

Thank you for making me confident in doing probelm sums and being very patient in teaching me.

Thank you very much😁
for teaching me

Thank you for teaching me and helping me progress through math, I feel so much better and more confident about problem sums now.