As our very first May holidays start next week, it’s also a good time to increase your knowledge.

Knowledge on how to gain more traction by tapping on the key drivers which produce most of our results.

Doing well in school and PSLE now has to be strategic.

Gone are the days of simply doing more and more questions.

You may have also experienced in the last few weeks that content such as more worksheets or homework is not the main driver of results.

Sometimes it has opposite effect on your child’s performance.

Like having resistance to do work or to even start.

Causing stress and anxiety to build in you and your child.

Want higher grades?

Focus on doing more of these instead.

Other essential factors like skills, processes, concepts, your child’s attitude and daily study habits also play a part in improving your child’s grades.

Want to know more on how to achieve more by doing less?

Here’s a good read

Have a good Sunday!