⛑️How to keep your child’s time productive without distractions

A lot of parents are asking me how to keep their child’s time productive and useful while they are “stuck” doing home-based learning for the next 1 month. 

In fact, I just did a live video with a fellow mum Janine yesterday to share some useful advice related to the current situation.

Last year, I compiled some Math Starter Kits that’s useful for any parents who want their child to independently learn and grow their interest in math, or if parents want to coach and teach their child as well.

If you plan to get any of these Math Starter Kits, get them soon.

This is because delivery might be affected when the circuit breaker measures start.

Click the link below to view our Math Starter Kits.

=> https://www.learningoutofthebox.org/prod…/quick-starter-kit/

Hope this helps your child improve math even when they are on home learning.

All the best, take care of your health and stay strong.

Learning Out Of The Box