🎒Last year, our 2-problem-sums-a-day challenge works very well.

These are how they have benefitted:

1. Problem sums become less confusing.💪

2. Parents finally understood how to teach their kids😊

3. Their children did problem sums by themselves. NO MORE nagging to get them to do their work! (Best reward for you, isn’t it?)🎁

So we are going to run a 5-day challenge just for you this week (also because many students have signed up for our lessons)

✅1. Every day I will post a problem sum video.
✅2. All you need to do is to watch ONCE with your child.
✅3. That’s it! And continue to do till Saturday.

This is one of the most effective LOB math strategies! And students have done well in math just by using this method.❤️

So if you want your child to do well for math, you and your child need to put in the effort too, right?

If you want this year to be the year your child improves in math, join us in this 5-day challenge!👏

* * *
🎒As your Math trainer, here are some guidelines for your 5-day challenge (for those of you who have said Yes to the challenge)

✅1. Watch the video of that day with your child.

✅2. Do not judge if it’s a P4,5,6 problem sum.

✅3. Your child will benefit more from listening to HOW I explain. In short, listen to my thought process.

✅4. Complete the 5-day challenge and help your child to build a daily habit.

✅5. Stay open. Even if you miss a day, make it up to two videos on the next day. As long as you stay committed, your child is going to learn from you.

You are your child’s role model!💕

What you see in exams or school worksheets are going to be different.

But what will stay the same is HOW your child solves the problem sum.

So let’s work together to help your child.

Focus on process.

Our LOB TEAM is so eager to watch your growth with us!👍

* * *

Today is day 1 of 5-day challenge.

✅Remember to watch WITH your kid.

✅Listen to the process. Discuss what are the steps.

✅This question appears from P4-6

Many children are still using listing which in my opinion is a total waste of time.

Help your child master this shortcut.😉

🎒For more hardworking children, they always covered the solution, rework the question to make sure they fully understood.

This is what helped them score better than their peers. They put in one more extra step.

So use this chance to teach your child this.

⚡️“Want better grade? Put in more effort!”

===> So here is your first PROBLEM SUM Video

=> https://youtu.be/RqD8FXag194

* * *

[5-day challenge Day 2]

🎒Yes you have survived for our second day!

I must say I’m so proud of you and your child!👍👍👍👏👏

Do give your child 5 points for that. (Your child will get a surprise from you for that)

Record the points somewhere he can see.😉

✅Here’s your second video for today!
✅=> https://youtu.be/u8L-Zt4a8CA

Once you have watched WITH your child, do post “done” below.


* * *

[🎒5-day challenge day 3]

Welcome to day 3!

While you are trying to understand how to solve problem sums, you have to first know that problem sums are divided into types.

There are a total of 11-12 basic types.

On day 1, you have seen same difference concept type.
On day 2, it’s grouping concept.
Today, you have 2 types combined into one problem sum.

I hope by watching my videos, your child can better understand how to solve problem sums and have less careless mistakes.😉

Post “seen” once you and your child have watched it.

Here goes

* * *

🎒Here is day 4’s video!

My favourite problem sum.

It’s something ALL P4-6s MUST MASTER!
Because you will see the same problem sum type/ concept across 3 years!

=> https://youtu.be/6XLr_814YdE


* * *

[🎒Final video for your 5-day challenge + ⭐️how to claim your certificate❤️]

3 simple steps for you to follow now:
✅1. Watch this WITH Your child

✅✅2. Post “We won” in the comment box below

✅✅✅3. Email to

To claim your child’s certificate (limited to 30 copies)

With email title
“5 days challenge cert”
Add your child’s primary level

We will only reply emails with full details and proper email title.

Now go finish your 5-day challenge.

The finishing line is within reach!


Want more trusted problem sums guidebook for your children?

Check out our resource guidebooks based on primary levels

=> https://www.learningoutofthebox.org/books-by-pri-level/