Let me tell you a story.

Back in 2013, I took a P6 boy in.

He was told he would never do well in math.

It was devastating to know that he felt beaten by someone who he was supposed to look up to.

Nonetheless we focused on what he could control.

What he couldn’t control:
Other people’s opinions of him.

What he could control:
His response towards other people’s options 
His study plan

He was still failing then.
That was in June.

He started off from one question a day.
Then he did two.
Then he moved onto 3.

His PSLE grade? 🚀He got a B.

What can we learn from here?

🌟The power of incremental growth.

🌟Of just 


As long as you do one more question everyday, or do just one more step than your peers – everyday, you will improved by 37.78% by the end of the year.

This applies to every field you want to perform well and eventually master.

Be it cooking 
Or baking
Or swimming
Or presenting to your colleagues.

To watch the video on incremental growth of 1%, go to https://youtu.be/U_nzqnXWvSo


Your PSLE stands for



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