Review requested:

Bought the easy starter kit and the black book for my p3 kid today who is struggling with concepts at school. His mother (me) was also stressed whenever I had to teach him the concepts and the harder I taught the more difficult it was for him to understand, as he was also stressed. 

I had no idea where to start and how to guide him. May was especially a good time for me to consider helping him to check the concepts and catch up if needed. Note: I didnt need him to score but the goal here was for him to grasp the concept with confidence. 

I went to ask inputs from friends who advised that I could try the books from LOB. John too advised that I ought to try the mentioned as well as the p1 to p3. Due to budget constraints we got the p3 set first.

We received the books yesterday and today was the 2nd day he used the blue book. I found the content structured and easy for both parent and child to understand, the content also gave a good guideline to guide and coach the child in need. 

With that, the last 2 days were the most stress free math work we had done. He was happy that he managed to grasp the concept and I was impressed with how easily he caught it.

Yesterday he went through the previous chapter and attempted question 4, he read the method provided and said that his way was easier. Today he did question 3 in the following chapter, and attempted the method in the photo all by himself! 🤣

Really thankful for the structure in this book. 
Thanks John!