Was decluttering my books when I found these piles deep behind other books.

Like dirty untold secrets buried and hidden.

Back in the year 1999, I had developed serious stuttering, so serious I couldn’t even order food and drink.

I would always go into panic attack when I reached the stall counter.

It got worse then. (Dreaded it so much I craved for my head to be buried in a hole.😕)

My stuttering was so bad that the counter staff would looked at me, amused while feeling bad for me.

Many times I chose to be hungry and walked off. Yes, I escaped.

Socialising was a mega challenge for me.

Soon I got into depression. I think.

Then I met my ex-girlfriend when I was 22.
She was patient, loving and always reminded me to speak slowly.

If not for her, I wouldn’t become who I am today.

Today I still stutter.
But I still teach.
I took on the identity of a teacher.

Which gave me confidence.

My esteem got magnified multiple times when I first became a father.

I told myself, “I will not let my girls (my kids) be stopped by their life obstacles.”

“I’m the role model, isn’t it?”

Stuttering never stopped me from wanting to become a teacher.

So here I am today.
And you are reading this post.

My story wouldn’t happen
If not for my ex-girlfriend.
It was my first girlfriend.

I wonder what happened to her?🤔

Ah, I remembered.
She became my wife💕

Be the
Greatest Supporter
Of Your Dream.

Why leh?
Your child is watching you.💕