Many parents asked me how I coach my kids.

To help her like maths since age 5, I told her that her first math assessment book was her coloring book.😁

To help her build her focus, I gave her art activities which require her to sit still for hours, one that she needs to complete within days.😂

To help her grow the habit of finishing what she started, I got her with painting which she really love.😊

Why am I sharing this with you?

To build your child math exam endurance, you can consider non-math activities.

To me, playing mobile phone games and being addicted are not counted.

I prefer sports or arts activities which take the kids off the screen and become immersed into another world of self-expression and being creative in their own special ways.

I even re-picked cooking and baking with my kids though I’m not good at it but I did it simply because I know my daughters and wife love it.

So I did it for THEM,
NOT for myself💕

Hope this post benefits you.