Very few parents here knew my real story.

Many friends asked me why did I want to be on stage or be speaking in front of crowd.

Simply, just to prove myself I can do it.

When I was younger, I was overly conscious how I talked.

I began to stutter.

I was laughed at. My P5 English teacher called me “Hopeless”, right in the middle of an oral exam.

In Uni, a fellow committee member mimicked how I stuttered when I was sharing my idea. He even made funny faces at me.

10 to 20 year later, I still remember the feeling….the embarrassment…the shame…shame from a teacher I respected alot.

5 years ago, just before I went on stage again. A few friends advised me not to do it.

“Imagine what will the 300 parents feel when you start being anxious?”

“They are going to laugh at you…LAUGH at you. Hard.”

But giving up is the easy way out.

I took the hard way…the route of unknown.

I engaged a speech coach.
I arranged speaking opportunities for myself.
I planned more parents workshops.

I took charge of the situation.

Most importantly, I took charge of my life.

10 years ago, being an introvert, being a young adult who has experienced stuttering since young, I would have escaped to a far far away place.

And Hide.

But now, I am taking charge of my life…

Speaking to masses used to be my BIGGEST fear…

Actually now it still is.

But I am not going to hit Escape.

I am going to do it for my children.

By setting a good example for them.

As their dad.

So they also know they can fight for their dreams too.💕

Stuttering kid turned Speaker.🇸🇬

# fight for your dream. fight. never look back.