💕3 Factors To Get A*Star For PSLE Math

The truth is, when it boils down to everything, math is about this simple concept:…

Practising the correct strategies.

3 key words / factors here:

1. Practising
2. Correct
3. Strategies

Which means when your child is practising but not doing well, you can usually boil it down to either 1 or these 2 root causes.

1. Not the correct practice
2. Not the correct strategies

Most children have no problem practising, but simply practising blindly is far from enough.

Remember the previous PSLE Math papers with nasty surprises?

We had the infamous ribbon question a few years ago…

Then the number patterns question more recently…

The thing is, if you thought those “unknown” questions were the issue, they are not.

The issue is that children did not have the correct practices and hence the correct experience to follow them into the exam.

The worse part is, there are TONS of assessment books and past year papers out there.

Your choices are almost unlimited…

But you and I both know that there’s no time — nor energy — for your child to reasonably be able to do ALL of them.

It’s just not practical.

In fact, it’s like your child is having 99% of the resources to succeed but missing the last 1%. — which is knowing WHAT exactly they should practise on!

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[How To Practise Correctly For PSLE Math 2020]