Common test was just over. By now, you should have known the grade for your child’s Math paper. Whatever grade that your child has gotten, my advice is “just let it be“. Yes, though the grades can be better, there’s really no point to get stressed over it too much. Instead, what you should do is to channel your energy to help your child find an effective way to improve.

If he has scored 30 marks, let’s work on how he can work towards 40 within 1 month.
If he has scored 40, let’s work on how he can score 50 within the next month.
If he has scored 50, let’s work on how to work towards 60 in 30 days’ time.

One of our students’ mark shot up from 40+ to 70 / 100 after attending my coaching once on 3rd March.
Below is the thank-you sms sent by her mother. =)


So improving the grades by 10 marks within the next 30 days is really possible.

Let’s look at it this way, even if your child’s current score is 30/100 and there are 6 more months till PSLE, your child can aim to get 60 more marks by then. That will be 90/100 (It’s an A*!)

The secret to improving your child’s Math is to address the root problem.

Practing on more questions can come later, ONLY IF the root problem is solved.

When a child fails to solve a word problem, there are many causes. Some are emotion-related like stress or anxiety and others are technique-related like careless mistakes.

While most parents are not professionally trained to help their children cope with their emotional problems, there is an easy method that all parents can use now. That is to address the mistakes (commonly known as “carless mistakes”)

Careless mistakes – you might have heard this a thousand times. But how is it that you are identifying the type of careless mistakes your child is making and developing the right method to address every one of these mistakes?

For a start, ask yourself “What kind of mistake is stopping your child from getting the next 10 marks?”

Go ask your tutor if you have one. He should be able to answer it if he knows your child well enough. (if he can’t, you may want to consider using other ways to find out.)

Improving by another 10 marks is really easy. Really, it is. My students have done that and so can yours.

Let me share with you what we do.

First, you must have a very clear plan of where you are going to get your 10 marks. Break it down to say 5 1-mark questions, 1 2-mark question and 1 3-mark question.

Spend the next 30 days just to really understand the concepts for these questions so that your child can apply them for ALL types of questions.

So let’s give your child a fresh start. To help you in identifying the type of “careless mistakes” your child is making, here is our tool sheet.

=> You can download here and use it. (Right click and save target as)

For Secondary Math, download here.

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