We did ask a few students who improved by at least 10-20 marks within 2-3 months.

(Another mom just whatapps us. Her girl scored 46 out of 60 for paper 2.
A BIG jump in grades since she first came.)

‘What make it seem so effortless?’

Here are some fast tips I have gathered.

(Part 1 of our 7-part “Exam Smart Skills” series)

1. The 11 concepts we taught them helped a lot. They are now able to see the problems sums as easy concepts rather than “difficult” questions.

2. The thought processes and system we taught them helped develop good learning habits. Most children shared that they had no proper “system” of solving the problem sums before joining our lessons.

Now with the KCNSU 5-step process, they are able to solve problem sums and direct questions in a very orderly way.

If you wonder what kind of thought process these students use, check out our “101 must-know direct questions” guide book
=> http://www.learningoutofthebox.org/101directquestions/

3. They work hard constantly. Though we gave them only 1 question a day as homework, these children did more than what we gave them. Such positive learning behavior is a tell-tale sign that their grades are going to eventually skyrocket.

4. The parents play a BIG part. They are always very supportive and encouraging. They trust their children are going to benefit from our programme.

They make their children accountable for their own success. These are the good old traditional values of our grandparents. (“Work hard for yourself; No one else to blame.”)

5. They check their work. Always. This is one of the key factors which determine how well they do in school. They always check their work, be it school work, our work or their answers in exams.

‘The more you check, the more you score.’

Those, who took our teachings seriously, did well in school too.

6. They always ask questions when in doubt. In our Asian culture, asking questions may give other people a perception that they are not that smart. So we realised not many children ask questions even in schools.

A boy told us, ‘I like asking questions here. I don’t feel that I’m slow.’

For those children who eventually ask questions in our class, they are beginning to learn more. As a result, their eyes and minds open up. It also shows their self-esteem is going up. 🙂

Out of these 6 tips, you realised ‘effortlessness’ come from daily consistent action with good learning habits.

This week I will reveal more.


P.S. Here is the workshop details that many parents have been asking for.

For students who need maths coaching
=> http://www.learningoutofthebox.org/mathsworkshop/

Good for those who want science coaching
=> http://www.learningoutofthebox.org/scienceworkshop/

Our students pick up good learning habits here.

Definitely useful for children who are keen to learn and are willing to work hard.