P1-3. Math Jungle Volume 2


This book contains our coaching techniques and strategies which our founder, John himself had started to use when he taught her daughter P3 math when she was only P1. At the age of 5 (or when she’s only K1), she had already started working on P1 Problem Sums.

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“My P2 daughter dislikes maths but once she flipped through John’s book, she was hooked!” – Dennis Heng, father of P2 child

“…She liked this book more than other kinds of “assessment books”…” – Hon Luen, father of P1 child


Here is our 2nd volume for – “P1-3 Math Jungle Activity Book“. (Both Math Jungle Vol 1 and 2 complement each other.)

Why do we create this?

When my elder daughter was 5 year old, I started to teach her Primary 1 math. Now she’s already in P1 and I had already started to teach her P3 Math. (Many parents told me it’s too early. Or why so kan-chiong/ anxious?)

The truth is young children do learn faster and they love to learn since young. Especially when the lesson is conducted using stories and simple games.

As you know, I also run a school for math-haters. After having coached thousands of children and parents, I realised some children fail or do badly in Primary Math is because of one of these.

  1. They dislike Math
  2. They don’t know the process skills well
  3. Their interest was not developed since young
  4. They were given assessment books (since young) and expected to do by themselves
  5. They were not taught in a way they would learn best (such as through stories or creative visualisation)

So knowing all these, I started to expose my elder daughter (at age 5) process skills important for solving problem sums in Primary school. I taught her problem sums type and proper easy model-drawing techniques.

I helped her developed the interest to learn Math. I told her stories and use games to engage her and stimulate her thinking. I taught her in a way that is fun and interesting. (With this book you’re getting, it’s going to help you in similar ways too.)

Now at age 6, she’s already solving Problem sums for P2. And she’s enjoying every minute of it. (plus she’s able to do math by herself without me reminding her.)

So what will you find in this book?

You will find the various ways on how I teach my girl Math (since she’s 5) and how I make her love learning Math.

This book is not for everyone.

This book is only for parents who are actively involved in your child’s learning. Meaning you always learn with your child by doing activities together.

This book is not for parents who simply chuck the book to the child, expecting the child to read by himself.

So if you’re like the first group of parents (like me), I welcome you to make good use of this book to help your child enjoy learning Math.

Here are some of the problem sums types and topics in this activity book

Primary 1 Chapters
1. Add and Subtract Within 10
2. Add and Subtract Within 20
3. Add and Subtract Within 40
4. Multiplication
5. Money

Primary 2 Chapters
1. Numbers to 1000
2. Add Within 1000
3. Subtract Within 1000
4. Mass
5. 2D and 3D Figures
6. Fractions
7. Volume
8. Length
9. Time

Primary 3 Chapters
1. Two-step problems
2. Before-After Concept
3. Internal Transfer Concept
4. Perimeter
5. Guess and Check (4 step Assumption method)

Other common problem sum types include Part-whole and More/ Less than.

How can you get hold of this book?

If you would like your child to really enjoy learning Math using fun and interesting way so that he will be able to do well in Primary Math, you can order this math resource book from us.

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70 in stock

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