Our LOB Parents Had Started Giving Out The Certificates!

Our recent 5-day Challenge was very well-received and many parents are rewarding their children for having completed this challenge!

I’m so proud of our LOB parents.

Here are some of our lovely parents presenting the certificates to their children! =)

Their kids are super happy!

How A Vice Principal Loves Our Problem Sums Solving Model

A Primary School Vice Principal, knowing that our LOB CPS methods work very well, contacted us for help.

The problem sums CPS training was given to their team of math teachers, HODs, teacher mentor and VP.

They love how we are making problem sums look so easy. They love it so much, that they have gotten our math strategic guidebooks.

What an experience for our LOB Team! <3

Even Teachers Are Using It

Our LOB CPS methods had been working very well.

So well that we started to see other educators adopting our problem sums methods to make problem sums easier for their students.

We are really very humbled that even school teachers are sharing our proven methods with their entire level of P5 and 6.

Our students are also sharing what they learnt from us with their classmates too.

I’m really proud of our LOB students!

Hard To Understand Problem Sums? Need Help For Your Child Now? Here’s How To Contact Us… 

Other Home Tutors Are Impressed By Our Methods Too… 

Even other external math tutors like this tutor told our parents that he was very impressed with all methods used in ‘Learning Out of the Box’ and requested the parents to continue to get our help in problem sums.

Hard To Understand Problem Sums? Need Help For Your Child Now? Here’s How To Contact Us… 

So if your child is finding problem sums hard to understand or you find it hard to teach your child to identify the problem sums types, you can contact us here for a complimentary phone consultation.