Most students love the fast way to gain marks.

Done right, it’s the lowest hanging fruits for them. Their marks will soar like an eagle. Within a very short period of time.

(We have seen a kid who got 88.5, a big jump from 60+ within 2 months. One child even got 90 for the first time.
There are others, who used to fail Paper 1, scored almost full marks for it. Awesome!)

But ‘Lowest hanging fruits’ technique if done wrong – like most students during exam – and many marks are lost.

‘What makes this method so effective for these kids who had done them right?’

Here are some fast tips these students shared with me.

1. The 5-step proven process we taught them in our coaching lessons helped a lot. They are now able to tackle most of the questions in a very systematic way.

It now made those hard ones manageable.

2. Even if they get nervous during exams, they always know that they need to start off by highlighting keywords, This will eventually lead them to the answers.

3. The students believe that they will have time to check their exam papers. By writing the statements or key words neatly and clearly, they are able to spend no more than 1 minute per question to quickly check their answers and accurately spot their mistakes before submission.

One child said these tricks had helped her ‘save at least 10 to 15 marks’ because she followed what we taught her in our lessons.

4. They were always trying different (creative) ways to find new openings to the answer. They were always thinking of the next possible step.

The magic lies in here. These kids never give up. They just want to solve and tackle it by themselves no matter what.

‘Do your child show such positive behavior at home?’

If yes, Congratulations. With the right techniques, your child is going to do well eventually.

Once they are able to solve the hard questions without any help, their confidence will rise by a few times. The other ‘difficult’ questions became easier for them.

5. One child told us the extra homework she asked from us help her a big deal. It’s another 1 to 2 questions per day.

‘I prefer to do your homework. It’s more enjoyable.’

This also explains why she improved by 20+ marks in such a short time!

6. Most students shared the support from their parents is also one of the main reasons why they felt they had done well.

‘You’re responsible for your own result. No one else.’ Their parents always told them this. Sometimes, even daily.

(Good old teaching which my late grandmother always told me.)

Out of these 6 tips, you realised this ‘lowest hanging fruit’ method is one of the most effective methods to gain marks.

In fact, this is the formula to do well:

Increase in Self-confidence + Right attitude + Right techniques = BIG improvement

Solving the questions the right way at home becomes so automatic for these kids such that it’s the same for them in school too.

This explains why they also perform well in exams.

This week I will reveal more on the right techniques.


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