Gooooood Morning.

Is great meeting some of you last week.

And we had a great discussion about how we parents can help our kids in problem sums.

So as decided, because we know you are probably busy with your work on beginning of the week, the best days to share our problem sums videos are Thursdays and Fridays.

So here’s one more video to help you out.

Here is a P4 question. (By right, P5, 6 can try too.)

“Tom had 215 more stickers than Ahmad at first. Then Tom bought 55 more stickers. In the end, Tom has 3 times as many stickers as Ahmad.

(a) How many stickers did Ahmad have?
(b) Find the total number of stickers Tom and Ahmad had in the end?”

Source: SCGS 2015 P4 SA1 Q42
Concept: More than with change.

My solution image is in the comment below. Feel free to download and use it.
SCGS 2015 P4 SA1 P2 Q42