P3-6. Math Self-Study Series: Fractions Flashcards for Memory Maps – 52 Cards

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Imagine your child did well in P3-6 fractions? And it started all from these flashcards.

Remember how our kids started to learn new words or pictures – from flashcards.

Why flashcards?

It is one fraction concept at a time.
It is easy to digest, process and understand.
It is confidence booster for your kid.

Just 3 simple steps.

We know it is not that the fractions is hard. Probably how is being taught to your kid doesn’t fit him.

So all you need to do is change the method for your child.

In Learning Out of the Box, we ensure we support both students and parents in learning the smart but also the fun way.

This Math Self-Study series just does that! It is suitable for P3-6 students and helps parents teach their children to learn independently.

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Learning Out of the Box was started by a father who teaches Math to his 3 daughters.

After coming up with so many books to help his own daughters and many other primary school students practice, learn and revise Math easier, John has now started working on a series of Math Self-Study flashcards to help your child succeed in different Math topics even more.

“When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.”

So when a child doesn’t understand fractions, change the method, not the child.

What’s in this flashcard box?

This series of 52 cards with 52 key concepts.

This arrangement helps to teach P5/6 who are still struggling with fractions or want to learn fractions in a more effective way.

Imagine your child masters a card a day.

All you need is 7 plus weeks. Or less than 2 months to start to gain mastery for fractions.

Here’s a video walkthrough of the cards:

Dimension of each card: 127mm by 177.8mm

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362 in stock

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